Buyer Specialist

The John Hall & Company Advantage

Counselors & Advocates

As your buyer specialist, we see our role as your counselor who will guide you through the entire buying process and beyond.

  • We begin by helping you focus on the most important characteristics of the land you want to buy. It could be location, size, terrain, game type, timber, etc.
  • We will assemble everything on the market fitting your parameters and cull those that we know have issues.
  • We know of a property that could be purchased that are not listed “For Sale.”

Utilize our Experience & Resources 

  • Utilize our relationships you will need through the closing process such as closing attorneys, 1031 tax deferred exchange intermediaries, foresters, surveyors and lending resources.
  • Our database of comparable sales comes from our personal closings, our relationships with appraisers and land buyers.
  • Comparable sales provide you with a comfort level with what to offer and ensure you are getting a good buy.  
  • We will draw up a contract advocating your best interest and negotiate on your behalf.
  • After closing, our role with our clients is just beginning. We continue to surround you with a team of experts such as wildlife biologists, lake and pond builders, road builders, government programs, pond management, taxidermists, introduction to neighbors, etc.