John Hall and Company provides an array of land services to our clients.

We are going to be there every step of the way for our clients. The range of services we provide or facilitate is designed to educate you. From when buying or selling is only a consideration, through the inspection and closing process, to when you’re ready to begin investing in improvements that will take your vision to the next level.

Whether we provide services in-house or facilitate the services through our relationships with vetted professionals, you will be surrounded by a team of experts in their field to meet every possible contingency.


Services we provide outside of Selling Land, Commercial, and Investment Properties include:

    • Property Valuations- What’s my land worth?
    • Market Research – Where is the data coming from used to determine value?
    • Property Appraisals
    • Mediation and Land Division – Fair and Equitable Division of land amongst co-owners, family members, and partnerships
    • Wildlife Management Plans
    • Forestry Services and Timber Cruises
    • Mapping

    Services we facilitate:

    • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges
    • Financing Solutions
    • Real Estate Closings/ Closing Attorneys
    • Surveying and Engineering
    • Home Inspections
    • Wood Infestation Reports


    Services from our partners offering Land Improvement Services:

    • Lake and Pond Construction
    • Interior Road Building
    • Land Clearing
    • Mulcher Grinder Work
    • Burning
    • Fire Lanes
    • Duck Impoundments
    • Feral Hog Control
    • Wildlife Habitat Improvement

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