Welcome to the John Hall and Company “How to Buy Land in Alabama Series”.  Pete Hall, John Hall and Company co-owner, shares the value of hiring a Buyer’s Specialist when buying land in Alabama. Pete Hall answers the question, “Why Hire A Buyer’s Specialist?” 

Hiring a Buyer’s Specialist to Research Properties

The Buyer’s Specialist is an expert at providing property hunters with the accurate information they seek. These specialized agents know how to quickly cull through online listings and property records.

Property hunters are increaingly informed and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information online.  Consequently, making it difficult to discern accurate and relevant information from which to make informed decisions. This is especially true when buying large tracts of land.

Can you relate?

“Getting information from the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant”-Mitchell Kapor

Searching Listing for Alabama Land

The typical property hunter searches and finds properties on Zillow. Then, they compare the purchase price of a similar-sized hunting tract sold in the general vicinity. This is a mistake.

Firstly, it is not possible to gauge from an online listing if properties are really comparable. Secondly, there is so much not said in online property listings. Lastly, properties listed online highlight the positives of the properties.

Determining the true value of a property requires diligent research, asking the right questions, and an accurate understanding of the land.

A Costly Mistake in Buying Land

My friend found “the perfect” property listed on the internet. The property listing featured a nice cabin on a beautiful lake. In hast and with excitement, my friend called the listing agent. He immediately put an offer on the table with the listing agent. 

The offer was not accepted. Afterward, he learned the listing agent failed to tell him that the “mineral rights did not convey” with the property. My friend narrowly avoided a big and costly mistake. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that many hope-filled individuals make when buying property.

Finding a Trusted Buyer’s Specialist

His mistake was only going by the listing and then blindly trusting the listing agent. He learned the listing agent was not representing his best interest. As a result, he asked me to be his “Buyer’s Specialist Agent”. I quickly found him the perfect property.

John Hall and Company agents take properties and their agents to the task. We research and ask the right questions. Download our Buyer’s Checklist here for a few of the questions we ask listing agents.

John Hall and Company’s questions are customized for the buyer’s needs and the type of property they are seeking.

Hiring John Hall and Company as Your Buyer’s Specialist

We save our clients time. Clients depend on us to collect the pertinent information and filter out the rest. With our proprietary knowledge and expertise, we quickly assist our clients to discern which listings are legitimate. First and foremost, we rule out properties that should be avoided despite the pretty pictures and glowing copy.

We save our clients money. John Hall and Company agents use comparable sales information from our sale history database and years of experience to provide an accurate evaluation of land to determine a property’s value.

We steamline the process to  make it easy for the client to find their perfect property.

Hiring a Buyer’s Specialist is a Clear Advantage

John Hall and Company has 34 continuous years of experience in land transactions. Every agent has an intimate familiarity with listed properties, amenities, and contributory values of land in Central and South Alabama.

In conclusion, becoming a client of John Hall and Company means becoming a part of our family of specialists. We introduce you to our network of advisors and experts in the fields of financing, forestry, wildlife biology, surveyors, lake builders, 1031 tax-deferred exchange intermediaries, appraisers, closing attorneys, and more. Together, we make up a team that ensures every possible consideration has been thoroughly covered and planned.

Please, call us today to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our agents.

-Pete Hall, ALC

Download John Hall and Company’s checklist for buying property HERE. These are the questions that every buyer needs to be asking before they make a purchase.

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