Bartlett 500

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Bartlett 500  

500 +/- Acres
Hayneville Ridge Road
Mathews, AL 36052


A one-of-a-kind recreational and investment property in Montgomery County!

LOCATION: Montgomery County, AL just south of the Town of Pike Road on Hayneville Ridge Rd.

TERRAIN: Level Pasture and Hardwood Drains to Rolling Upland Pines

LAND USE: Recreational Deer, Turkey, & Dove Hunting – Cattle & Pastureland – Timber & Development Investment

PRICE: $1,900,000


Shown by Appointment only

Call Pete Hall at 334.312.7099 or Hoke Smith at 334.322.2683




We carved out 500 acres of the best hunting land from the Bartlett Ranch for those looking for a first-class recreational land. There are approximately 190 acres of old-growth Virgin Hardwoods the like of which I have never seen. Catoma Creek branches of into multiple streams that meander through the hardwoods providing ideal roosting area for turkeys. With little to no hunting pressure over the years in an area well known for producing high quality game you can imagine the trophy bucks and gobblers waiting to be harvested!

There are 80 acres in the north-west corner with thirty to forty feet of elevation change with rolling pasture and twenty acres of mature upland pine. This setting is practically begging for an upland quail course.

The remainder of the tract is pasture land historically used for cattle but it has the potential for a large lake and it would be an ideal spot for a dove field. Take your pick of the number of places to build a cabin and pole barn as there are endless possibilities.

There estimated to be approximately $500,000 of merchantable timber at current prices. All interested parties should use their own independent forester to verify volumes and value.


Located on Hayneville Ridge Road just south of the Town of Pike Road the Bartlett 500 acres is situated in the growth pattern of Montgomery. If you are looking for a solid investment with high upside and a tremendous exit strategy then look no further. Mini farms of 20 to 40 acres in this area are selling for unprecedented prices. With 3850 linear feet of paved road frontage you could sell off these types of rural residential mini farms at no additional infrastructure costs if you were so inclined.  Additionally, there are two developments in close proximity to the Bartlett land where 5 to 10 acre lots surrounded by large lakes have been successfully sold.

Pete Hall

(334) 312-7099

[email protected]

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Property Highlights

  • Located just south of the rapidly growing Town of Pike Road
  • Approximately 190 acres of old-growth Virgin Hardwoods
  • Catoma Creek branches of into multiple streams throughout the property
  • 80 acres in the north-west corner with thirty to forty feet of elevation change with rolling pasture and 20 acres of mature upland pine
  • Opportunity to build a cabin or barn on multiple areas of the property
  • Solid investment with high upside and a tremendous exit strategy


LOCATION: Montgomery County, AL just south of the Town of Pike Road on Hayneville Ridge Rd.

Acreage: 500 +/-

Terrain: Level Pasture and Hardwood Drains to Rolling Upland Pines

Land Use: Recreational Deer, Turkey, & Dove Hunting – Cattle & Pastureland – Timber & Development Investment

PRICE: $ 1,900,000

John Hall & Company Celebrates 35 Years

John Hall & Company Celebrates 35 Years

As we enter a new year, John Hall & Company is excited to celebrate a major milestone. We have been serving clients and helping them buy and sell land in Alabama and surrounding states for thirty-five years! As we mark the anniversary for the company, it is important to look back at where it all began and the values that have shaped our business.


Our Start

John E. Hall Jr.’s appreciation of land ownership started at an early age. His grandfather, E. O. Hall, purchased his family’s farm in 1930. A true entrepreneur, he grew cotton, operated a cotton gin, and was the postmaster. He also owned and ran the family’s general store in Cecil, Alabama–The John Hall Store. John E. Hall Sr., Hall’s father, followed in the same footsteps.

John E. Hall Jr. considers it a great privilege to grow up on his family’s farm. From an early age, he hunted, fished, and explored with his family and friends. As a young teenager, he was already running a tractor and bush hog. His upbringing led him to learn about the natural resources like creeks, trees, soil, and wildlife that comprise a tract of land.


“Growing up in a rural setting gave me a lot of gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to learn the value of hard work and experience and enjoy the outdoors,” said Hall.


Hall attended Auburn University and obtained a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics. While at Auburn, he met his wife, Diane Fleming Hall. Diane also grew up with an appreciation for land, as she was raised on her family’s farm in Madison County.


After completing his education at Auburn, Hall served in the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery for two years. Hall then started his career in real estate in 1971 selling homes, land, and commercial properties for thirteen years; he then went on to work for a developer for three years. With over sixteen years of experience, Hall decided it was time to start his own company. In 1987, John Hall & Company was founded. In addition to Hall, the company had a part-time secretary and one other salesman. From the start, John Hall & Company handled commercial sales, investment property sales, and land sales.


Our Growth

Networking has been a key to the growth of John Hall & Company. Whether it’s working with a repeat client to purchase conservation easements or meeting families who want to purchase land to leave a legacy for future generations, the brokers at John Hall & Company build relationships with their clients. With connections throughout the state of Alabama, John Hall & Company has grown and evolved. While the company still handles a variety of sales, the majority of business centers around land sales.

Hall recounted a few exciting sales throughout the history of John Hall & Company.


In the early years, a typical land sale for John Hall & Company was around 200-500 acres. In 1975, one of Hall’s salespeople learned about an approximately 150,000 acre listing in the panhandle of Florida. Owned by Procter & Gamble, the Carabelle property included primarily pine timberland. Hall and another broker flew to Florida with a potential buyer, the buyer’s family, and the buyer’s Forester to show the land. They ended up writing a contract immediately on the hood of a truck for 11,000 acres of the property. The sale closed quickly and was a huge win within the first few years of business.


An Elmore County lakefront property was another exciting opportunity for John Hall & Company. Along Yates Lake, the 3,500 acres of land were sold to Forever Wild Land Trust. The sale led to an additional deal with 2,000 adjoining acres that were part of a trust. Through Forever Wild, the land is managed, groomed, and preserved to be used by the public. The tract of land allows for hunting, fishing, bird watching, canoeing, and wildlife viewing. It also features two hiking trails totaling over seven miles.


Our Legacy

Family-owned and operated since 1987, John Hall & Company is one of the oldest continuously operated land-based real estate company in the state. Core values, a love of family, and a passion for land ownership have played large roles in contributing to the business’ success.



The core values of John Hall & Company are integrity, service, and practicing the golden rule. These values have been in place since its start and have shaped the business’ legacy. While employees have come and gone throughout the years, Hall believes the hardworking and honest people who have been a part of the company have played a major role in its success.


“The key to success is treating your customers and employees with utmost respect, honesty, and integrity,” said Hall. “We work to be very service-oriented.”


Hall is very generous with his time and has trained brokers throughout the state. Many who have worked for John Hall & Company have gone on to open their own companies.



Family is a priority to John E. Hall Jr. With Diane, his wife of fifty-three years, he has three sons–Josh, Pete, and Luke; a doting grandfather, he also has nine grandchildren he enjoys spending time with and talks about with pride.

Two of Hall’s sons, Pete and Josh, are a part of John Hall & Company.


Pete has been a broker at John Hall & Company for twenty years. He is now a partner in the company with most of his focus centered on land sales and development. A true expert, he is the first person in Montgomery, Alabama to earn the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation. To become an ALC, land professionals must complete a rigorous education program, have a track record of transaction performance, and showcase a commitment to professional growth.


Josh is a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser with an MAI Membership designation from the Appraisal Institute. He is a shareholder in Valbridge Property Advisors, where he specializes in the valuation and consulting of commercial real estate and land. Josh is also a broker for John Hall & Company, helping clients purchase shopping centers, subdivisions, office buildings, and timberland.


Land Ownership

Hall considers land ownership a big blessing. His farm in Macon County is enjoyed by his family, as well as their friends.

“Because it has been in the family since the ‘30s, it’s just a special place. Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday because that’s when we gather as a family and extended family together at the farm,” said Hall. “It’s a wonderful day we look forward to every year.”


The cabin at the farm is filled throughout hunting season by Hall’s sons and grandkids. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, or exploring on the four-wheelers and ATVs, it is used to create memories to last a lifetime. Hall also uses time spent at the farm as a teaching opportunity; he emphasizes hunting safety and the conservation of wildlife.


Hall’s love of family and appreciation of land ownership has fueled his passion at John Hall & Company. Hall and the other brokers enjoy connecting buyers with a piece of property that meets their needs. It goes beyond simply making a sale; they love to see families achieve their dreams.


“It’s such a wonderful pleasure when you start working with a family… a buyer, who tells you their ideal property,” said Hall. “We start the search and help connect them with the perfect place. To see them happy and making memories as a family, that’s what it’s all about.”


Hall personally knows the impact land ownership can have on generations. He and the team at John Hall & Company enjoy helping clients build their legacy and create a place where their families can make treasured memories.


Our Future

John Hall & Company is excited to provide excellent service to buyers and sellers for years to come. As new technologies become available, the team continues to adapt. Drone footage, mapping software, and digital marketing have enhanced the buying and selling process. Although the boutique firm has grown and changed over the last thirty-five years, it remains true to the core values John Hall held dear when he started John Hall & Company–integrity, service, and practicing the golden rule. Buyers and sellers are treated with respect, as brokers seek to educate them throughout the process. Thanks to the hard work of John E. Hall Jr. and his team throughout the years, John Hall & Company is a local, relationship-based company with the ability to market properties nationwide.


From the team at John Hall & Company, thank you for making the last thirty-five years a success! We are grateful for our family, friends, and clients who have supported us for more than three decades. We cannot wait to continue to grow together as we help our clients buy and sell premier recreational properties, commercial property, and land investments.

Why 2022 is the Best Time to Sell Land in Alabama


 As we begin a new year, you have probably started thinking about your goals for the year ahead: the exercise routine you swear you will accomplish, the stack of books you want to read, and the major financial moves you want to make for yourself and your family. If you own land in Alabama and have considered selling, this could be the best year to list it and maximize your profit.


Seller’s Market


Now more than ever, it is the ideal time to sell land. Demand for land is at an all-time high; at the same time, there is a shortage of prime land available on the market. The increased demand and low supply have caused land values to increase by around thirty percent.


There are a number of factors that have contributed to the current seller’s market: low interest rates, more expendable income, and an increased desire to escape city life.


Low Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve typically lowers interest rates during periods of economic decline and uncertainty. As the economy continues to recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, interest rates remain at an all-time low, and experts expect them to stay low as we head into the new year. The rates have brought more borrowers to the market, as they look to lock in their purchase at a low interest rate. The low rates also impact buyers’ purchasing power because it directly impacts their overall monthly payment.


More Expendable Income

The Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Impact Payments pumped more cash into the market. The increase in expendable income has allowed people to consider more luxury purchases, including investing in land and property. Buyers are ready to consider big purchases with more money in their bank accounts earning very little interest.


Increased Desire to Escape City Life

As the world locked down in 2020, kitchen tables suddenly transformed into office spaces, and backyards started to feel small. The coronavirus pandemic left many people seeking a place to retreat. It renewed the desire to escape city life for the great outdoors. Whether they want a premier hunting plantation or land on the river, more buyers throughout the state and country have entered the market to purchase beautiful Alabama lands.


Even in a seller’s market, the brokerage firm you use to list your property can have a huge impact on how fast the process moves and the return you make on the sweat equity, vision, and stewardship you have poured into your land.


John Hall & Company Difference


The team at John Hall & Company boasts many years of experience helping clients sell land, including premier hunting plantations, investment properties, conservation easements, mini-farms, agricultural land, pastureland, and rural residential lots. In our almost thirty-five years, we have sold over 350,000 acres. Our land consultants are true experts with experience ranging from a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) to a past president of the Alabama Realtor’s Institute. All of our specialists are also landowners who know what is important when considering land sales. From the first call to the closing table, our employees have the skills, knowledge, and connections to walk you through the entire process of selling your property.


Personalized Process with Valuable Services

We know every piece of land is different and unique. The process of listing your property for sale is customized to you and your land. We want to get to know you and answer your questions. What improvements do I need to make to my land? What will help my property stand out to potential buyers? What is my land’s true worth?


Our brokers have years of experience and knowledge about managing land and important aspects to consider. We can assess your land and give suggested improvements to make it even more marketable. We work with you to find what makes your land unique and help showcase its one-of-a-kind features to potential buyers. We are also able to provide a free broker’s opinion of value to be sure you list at the right price. Our extensive database of comparable sales that gives empirical data on current market prices helps us ensure we are advising you to sell for the correct price. We are familiar with land throughout the state and even know the micro-markets that add value within various counties.


The marketing of your property can also help it sell for top dollar with minimal time on the market. Many firms use a “one size fits all” model to market their listings. Utilizing traditional and digital marketing, John Hall & Company creates a marketing plan customized specifically for your property. Drone footage, email blasts, and our website are just a few of the ways we make sure your listing is properly showcased to potential buyers. We are a local firm, familiar with the area, who can market your property on a local, regional, and national level.


In addition to selling your land, we offer additional services to you. We are skilled at mediation and land division. If your sale involves multiple family members or other co-owners, we can work with you to be sure a fair and equitable division of the land is achieved. We can also provide wildlife management plans, forestry services and timber cruises, and mapping.


Relationships throughout the State of Alabama

All of our relationships are built on the foundations John Hall laid when he started the company: integrity, service, and practicing the golden rule.


We build and foster relationships with all of our clients. Selling your land is an education process for all parties involved. We get to know you and your needs. In addition to answering your questions and guiding you through the process, we’ll also ask you questions to find out what your objective is for selling your land. We work to ensure we meet the goals that lead you to sell your property.


Relationships matter when marketing your property too. As a boutique firm, John Hall & Company prides itself on having relationships throughout the state of Alabama. We have qualified buyers ready to purchase property and can connect the right buyer to the land you are selling. We truly love finding buyers who will value and appreciate the land as much as you did. In the current market, the average time it takes to sell a property with John Hall & Company has been virtually cut in half.


Using our network, John Hall & Company sold multiple properties before they even hit the market in 2021. From a thirteen million dollar sod farm to a six hundred and seventy-eight-acre plantation, we had buyers ready and waiting to purchase land.


“Pete Hall and his team helped me by securing a property they had listed in Dallas County. We then added additional property through their relationship with the trust department of the local bank. They also helped connect me with various experts in their field such as foresters, farmers, the local office of the Farm Service Agency and more. ” David Chadwick


We also have relationships with other experts. When you become a John Hall & Company client, we introduce you to our network of advisors in the fields of financing, forestry, wildlife biology, surveyors, closing attorneys, and more. Whether you need a land survey or wood infestation report, we can connect you with the right people to get the job done with excellence.


As land values have increased and the time it takes to sell your property has decreased, there has never been a better time to sell your land. Are you ready to list your property? John Hall & Company has almost thirty-five years of experience helping families buy and sell land in Alabama. We are ready to help you through the important decision of selling your property. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process and help you make the most money from the sale of your land. Give us a call today.

Top 10 Priorities When Purchasing Hunting Land in Alabama

Welcome to the John Hall and Company “How to Buy Land in Alabama Series”.  Pete Hall, John Hall and Company co-owner, shares the value of hiring a Buyer’s Specialist when buying land in Alabama. Pete Hall answers the question, “Why Hire A Buyer’s Specialist?” 

Purchasing hunting land is a large investment and commitment. You want to be sure you have a partner you can trust to guide you through the process. John Hall and Company is here to help! In the fourth part of the Buying Land in Alabama series, we will walk you through the top 10 priorities to consider when purchasing land in Alabama.


Price Range

Before you consider purchasing hunting land, it’s important to review your budget. Will you be writing a check or financing the land purchase? Crunch some numbers and see what you can reasonably afford. Having a price range in mind before you start the process can help you narrow down the ideal land for you. In addition to setting a purchase price range, it’s also important to consider additional updates the hunting land might need.


Need a little help figuring out your price range? John Hall and Company can connect you with lending resources to help you start your search with confidence.



Just like with any real estate transaction, location is key and one of the first things you should consider. How often will you be traveling to the hunting land? Depending on your answer, you want to consider how long it will take you to get to the land. The closer it is to home, the easier it will be to hunt more frequently. You don’t want to spend more time driving to the land than you spend hunting. If you already have a favorite area to hunt, start by looking for property near the area.



Accessibility can play a major role in how long it takes to get to your property from home. Does the land have access from major highways and interstates? You probably don’t want your land too close to the city, but you want to be able to easily get to your property.  Depending on amenities on your property, you’ll also want to consider the proximity of a hotel.


Internal Road Systems

In addition to accessibility, it is also important to consider the accessibility of your property within the boundary lines. An internal road system allows you to access all the features your property has. Creeks, wildlife food plots, your favorite hunting spot, etc. Having internal roads can be the difference in allowing you to have full access and usage of your property.


Quality Timber

Evaluate the timber on the property. Timber can make up a large portion in the value of the property. Different types of timber can dictate what types of wildlife will use the property. For example, oak is a source of food for deer and can keep them on the land.


Creeks or Ponds

It’s important to assess if the hunting land has creeks or ponds. Water is essential for wildlife survival. Ponds also add additional value because they can be good for both hunting and fishing.


If the land does not have a creek or pond, you might want to evaluate adding a water source. This should be factored in when considering the cost of the property, as it can be an additional expense.


Wildlife Food Plots

Just like water, a food source is essential for attracting wildlife. Consider the trees, fruit, and bushes already existing on the property. Are there any existing food plots on the land? Based on the availability of food and the size of the property, you can determine if you’ll need to add any food plots and where you should add them.



You should prioritize any amenities you feel are essential to you. Take a moment to think about how you, your family, and your friends will use the hunting land. Are you hoping to use the hunting land as a weekend getaway? It could be helpful to seek out land with a cabin. If it doesn’t already have amenities like a cabin, home, or barn, you want to be sure to consider if there is a good place to add them and if you can afford the additional expense.


Acreage and Size of Surrounding Landowners

Neighbors and surrounding land should also be considered when purchasing hunting land in Alabama. Observe the nearby properties. Ask questions about how or what these properties are being used for. Neighboring and nearby properties can influence value, wildlife, and your enjoyment of a property.


Accessibility of Utilities

Most people want to have access to utilities like power and water on their hunting land. You will want to prioritize finding out if the land you’re looking at has access to utilities. If it does not have utilities, it’s important to research the feasibility and cost of adding them.


As you can see, there are a lot of priorities to consider and evaluate when purchasing hunting land in Alabama. Your wants and needs are unique to you and how you plan to use the land. With more than 35 years of helping buyers and sellers, John Hall and Company can work with you to determine your top priorities and assemble a list of everything on the market that fits within your parameters. Even better, using us as your buyer’s agent costs you nothing!


Ready to get started? Call us today!


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Top Ten Hunter Gift Guide



As Christmas quickly approaches, it’s time to search for the perfect gift for the hunter in your life. As hunting experts, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gift ideas to suit every budget and hunter.


  1. One-Year Garden and Gun Subscription  

Photo: Garden & Gun


A one-year magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. Garden & Gun is a bi-monthly print publication focused on southern traditions, including sporting culture, food, and people. Whether your gift recipient wants to learn more about conservation, find new recipes for their weekend away, or laugh at stories about hunting dogs, Garden & Gun includes articles for everyone. The magazine is also a beautiful addition to any hunting lodge coffee table.


  1. Adaptive Hearing Protection Earplugs

Photo: Orvis


Ear protection is crucial when regularly hunting. Orvis’ Adaptive Hearing Protection Earplugs allow hunters to hear what they want while protecting ears from shotgun blasts. The earplugs reduce loud blasts up to thirty-three decibels but reduce general sounds by only five decibels, ensuring voices and other noises can be heard. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer or quick gift for the hunter in your life.


  1. Hunting Gloves

Photo: Orvis


Every hunter needs a quality pair of hunting gloves. Orvis’ Cold Weather Hunting Gloves combine style and function. Providing warmth while still offering dexterity, the palm and fingers of the glove are made of goat leather; the glove is lined with insulation, except for on the trigger finger and thumb.


  1. SpyPoint LINK-MICRO-S-LTE Solar Cellular Trail Camera

Photo: Bass Pro Shops


Trail cameras are a great way for your hunter to monitor game on their land when they aren’t around. Boasting a concealable design, the LINK-MICRO-S-LTE Solar Cellular Trail Camera packs a lot of features into the small package. The trail camera has a .4 second trigger speed and an 80-foot infrared flash and detection range. The integrated solar panel and rechargeable lithium battery give the camera unlimited battery life. SpyPoint also offers a free photo transmission plan straight to their phone.


  1. SOLO Stove Bonfire

Photo: Solo Stove


Whether the hunter in your life wants a backyard bonfire or a place to recount the adventures of the day while camping, the SOLO Stove Bonfire is sure to make their wish list. The firepit makes it easy to create memories around the bonfire without worrying about constantly dodging smoke. The SOLO Stove Bonfire‘s design creates a clean and efficient burn, regardless of the firewood used. The smokeless bonfire is also light and portable.


  1. Orvis Gift Card

Photo: Orvis


No matter the type of hunt they prefer, Orvis offers a wide range of hunting and fishing gear for your gift recipient. Take the guesswork out of picking the perfect gift for the person who has everything with a gift card. Orvis gift cards can be redeemed online, over the phone, through the mail, or at any Orvis store. As Orvis focuses on their commitment to the environment, they even offer gift cards made with Forest Stewardship Council™ Certified paper.


  1. NOMAD Grill and Smoker

Photo: NOMAD


NOMAD’s innovative design makes it the ideal portable grill and smoker for any weekend hunting trip. Whether your gift recipient wants to sear, smoke, bake, or barbecue, the NOMAD Grill and Smoker makes it easy. The state-of-the-art grill has superior craftsmanship, while also being convenient to take on the road.


  1. Weekend Trip to Pursell Farms

Photo: Pursell Farms

Varies by Accommodations and Length of Stay

Located in Sylacauga, Alabama, Pursell Farms is a beautiful resort that prides itself on hospitality. With more than 3,200 acres of rolling hills, it is a perfect getaway for an avid hunter. Through the Orvis Shooting Grounds at Pursell Farms, they offer sporting clays, wingshooting and fly-fishing schools, and upland hunting memberships. Guests can also enjoy cabins, the Orvis Clubhouse, and five-star dining experiences.


  1. Loyal Hunting Dog


Photo: John Hall and Company

Varies by Breed and Formal Training

What hunter doesn’t dream about having a well-trained, loyal hunting dog? While dogs are a big commitment, a hunting dog is a gift that would wow the hunter in your life this holiday season. When researching the best hunting dog, it’s important to consider the recipient’s preferred type of hunt, if the dog will live in the house and regularly be around children, and the amount of training the dog will require. John Hall and Company employees have loyal dogs ranging from a Brittany to a Golden Retriever.


  1. A Premier Hunting Plantation

Photo: John Hall and Company

Varies by Property

A premier hunting plantation is a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. From weekend hunting trips to bringing the family together for the holidays, there’s something special about creating memories on your own piece of land. Give the gift that can be appreciated and shared for generations to come!


At John Hall and Company, we have thirty-five years of experience helping hunters find their perfect property. We pride ourselves on selling and conserving Alabama’s lands and building family legacies. Ready to purchase a premier hunting plantation to create memories with your family and friends? Give us a call!


We’d love to hear from you. Did your dream gift make our gift guide? What is on your Christmas wish list?


*Prices valid at the time of publication.