Top 10 Priorities When Purchasing Hunting Land in Alabama

Welcome to the John Hall and Company “How to Buy Land in Alabama Series”.  Pete Hall, John Hall and Company co-owner, shares the value of hiring a Buyer’s Specialist when buying land in Alabama. Pete Hall answers the question, “Why Hire A Buyer’s Specialist?” 

Purchasing hunting land is a large investment and commitment. You want to be sure you have a partner you can trust to guide you through the process. John Hall and Company is here to help! In the fourth part of the Buying Land in Alabama series, we will walk you through the top 10 priorities to consider when purchasing land in Alabama.


Price Range

Before you consider purchasing hunting land, it’s important to review your budget. Will you be writing a check or financing the land purchase? Crunch some numbers and see what you can reasonably afford. Having a price range in mind before you start the process can help you narrow down the ideal land for you. In addition to setting a purchase price range, it’s also important to consider additional updates the hunting land might need.


Need a little help figuring out your price range? John Hall and Company can connect you with lending resources to help you start your search with confidence.



Just like with any real estate transaction, location is key and one of the first things you should consider. How often will you be traveling to the hunting land? Depending on your answer, you want to consider how long it will take you to get to the land. The closer it is to home, the easier it will be to hunt more frequently. You don’t want to spend more time driving to the land than you spend hunting. If you already have a favorite area to hunt, start by looking for property near the area.



Accessibility can play a major role in how long it takes to get to your property from home. Does the land have access from major highways and interstates? You probably don’t want your land too close to the city, but you want to be able to easily get to your property.  Depending on amenities on your property, you’ll also want to consider the proximity of a hotel.


Internal Road Systems

In addition to accessibility, it is also important to consider the accessibility of your property within the boundary lines. An internal road system allows you to access all the features your property has. Creeks, wildlife food plots, your favorite hunting spot, etc. Having internal roads can be the difference in allowing you to have full access and usage of your property.


Quality Timber

Evaluate the timber on the property. Timber can make up a large portion in the value of the property. Different types of timber can dictate what types of wildlife will use the property. For example, oak is a source of food for deer and can keep them on the land.


Creeks or Ponds

It’s important to assess if the hunting land has creeks or ponds. Water is essential for wildlife survival. Ponds also add additional value because they can be good for both hunting and fishing.


If the land does not have a creek or pond, you might want to evaluate adding a water source. This should be factored in when considering the cost of the property, as it can be an additional expense.


Wildlife Food Plots

Just like water, a food source is essential for attracting wildlife. Consider the trees, fruit, and bushes already existing on the property. Are there any existing food plots on the land? Based on the availability of food and the size of the property, you can determine if you’ll need to add any food plots and where you should add them.



You should prioritize any amenities you feel are essential to you. Take a moment to think about how you, your family, and your friends will use the hunting land. Are you hoping to use the hunting land as a weekend getaway? It could be helpful to seek out land with a cabin. If it doesn’t already have amenities like a cabin, home, or barn, you want to be sure to consider if there is a good place to add them and if you can afford the additional expense.


Acreage and Size of Surrounding Landowners

Neighbors and surrounding land should also be considered when purchasing hunting land in Alabama. Observe the nearby properties. Ask questions about how or what these properties are being used for. Neighboring and nearby properties can influence value, wildlife, and your enjoyment of a property.


Accessibility of Utilities

Most people want to have access to utilities like power and water on their hunting land. You will want to prioritize finding out if the land you’re looking at has access to utilities. If it does not have utilities, it’s important to research the feasibility and cost of adding them.


As you can see, there are a lot of priorities to consider and evaluate when purchasing hunting land in Alabama. Your wants and needs are unique to you and how you plan to use the land. With more than 35 years of helping buyers and sellers, John Hall and Company can work with you to determine your top priorities and assemble a list of everything on the market that fits within your parameters. Even better, using us as your buyer’s agent costs you nothing!


Ready to get started? Call us today!


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Top Ten Hunter Gift Guide



As Christmas quickly approaches, it’s time to search for the perfect gift for the hunter in your life. As hunting experts, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gift ideas to suit every budget and hunter.


  1. One-Year Garden and Gun Subscription  

Photo: Garden & Gun


A one-year magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. Garden & Gun is a bi-monthly print publication focused on southern traditions, including sporting culture, food, and people. Whether your gift recipient wants to learn more about conservation, find new recipes for their weekend away, or laugh at stories about hunting dogs, Garden & Gun includes articles for everyone. The magazine is also a beautiful addition to any hunting lodge coffee table.


  1. Adaptive Hearing Protection Earplugs

Photo: Orvis


Ear protection is crucial when regularly hunting. Orvis’ Adaptive Hearing Protection Earplugs allow hunters to hear what they want while protecting ears from shotgun blasts. The earplugs reduce loud blasts up to thirty-three decibels but reduce general sounds by only five decibels, ensuring voices and other noises can be heard. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer or quick gift for the hunter in your life.


  1. Hunting Gloves

Photo: Orvis


Every hunter needs a quality pair of hunting gloves. Orvis’ Cold Weather Hunting Gloves combine style and function. Providing warmth while still offering dexterity, the palm and fingers of the glove are made of goat leather; the glove is lined with insulation, except for on the trigger finger and thumb.


  1. SpyPoint LINK-MICRO-S-LTE Solar Cellular Trail Camera

Photo: Bass Pro Shops


Trail cameras are a great way for your hunter to monitor game on their land when they aren’t around. Boasting a concealable design, the LINK-MICRO-S-LTE Solar Cellular Trail Camera packs a lot of features into the small package. The trail camera has a .4 second trigger speed and an 80-foot infrared flash and detection range. The integrated solar panel and rechargeable lithium battery give the camera unlimited battery life. SpyPoint also offers a free photo transmission plan straight to their phone.


  1. SOLO Stove Bonfire

Photo: Solo Stove


Whether the hunter in your life wants a backyard bonfire or a place to recount the adventures of the day while camping, the SOLO Stove Bonfire is sure to make their wish list. The firepit makes it easy to create memories around the bonfire without worrying about constantly dodging smoke. The SOLO Stove Bonfire‘s design creates a clean and efficient burn, regardless of the firewood used. The smokeless bonfire is also light and portable.


  1. Orvis Gift Card

Photo: Orvis


No matter the type of hunt they prefer, Orvis offers a wide range of hunting and fishing gear for your gift recipient. Take the guesswork out of picking the perfect gift for the person who has everything with a gift card. Orvis gift cards can be redeemed online, over the phone, through the mail, or at any Orvis store. As Orvis focuses on their commitment to the environment, they even offer gift cards made with Forest Stewardship Council™ Certified paper.


  1. NOMAD Grill and Smoker

Photo: NOMAD


NOMAD’s innovative design makes it the ideal portable grill and smoker for any weekend hunting trip. Whether your gift recipient wants to sear, smoke, bake, or barbecue, the NOMAD Grill and Smoker makes it easy. The state-of-the-art grill has superior craftsmanship, while also being convenient to take on the road.


  1. Weekend Trip to Pursell Farms

Photo: Pursell Farms

Varies by Accommodations and Length of Stay

Located in Sylacauga, Alabama, Pursell Farms is a beautiful resort that prides itself on hospitality. With more than 3,200 acres of rolling hills, it is a perfect getaway for an avid hunter. Through the Orvis Shooting Grounds at Pursell Farms, they offer sporting clays, wingshooting and fly-fishing schools, and upland hunting memberships. Guests can also enjoy cabins, the Orvis Clubhouse, and five-star dining experiences.


  1. Loyal Hunting Dog


Photo: John Hall and Company

Varies by Breed and Formal Training

What hunter doesn’t dream about having a well-trained, loyal hunting dog? While dogs are a big commitment, a hunting dog is a gift that would wow the hunter in your life this holiday season. When researching the best hunting dog, it’s important to consider the recipient’s preferred type of hunt, if the dog will live in the house and regularly be around children, and the amount of training the dog will require. John Hall and Company employees have loyal dogs ranging from a Brittany to a Golden Retriever.


  1. A Premier Hunting Plantation

Photo: John Hall and Company

Varies by Property

A premier hunting plantation is a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. From weekend hunting trips to bringing the family together for the holidays, there’s something special about creating memories on your own piece of land. Give the gift that can be appreciated and shared for generations to come!


At John Hall and Company, we have thirty-five years of experience helping hunters find their perfect property. We pride ourselves on selling and conserving Alabama’s lands and building family legacies. Ready to purchase a premier hunting plantation to create memories with your family and friends? Give us a call!


We’d love to hear from you. Did your dream gift make our gift guide? What is on your Christmas wish list?


*Prices valid at the time of publication.

New! John Hall and Company Website

Welcome! We are glad that you have found our new John Hall and Company website. This website has been designed to assist you. Our team is here to help you find land for sale in Alabama and/or assist you to market your land in Alabama to the right buyers in Alabama and across the U.S.

The purpose of the John Hall and Company Website:

Firstly, we want you to easily find the information you need. We have a wide variety of land and commercial properties for you to look through. For more information or to schedule a showing, please feel free to contact us. We also have a large network across the state to help our clients find land for sale in Alabama. Our agents have excellent working relationships with other brokerages and agents. We can search our network of agents and data bases to find what our clients want.

Secondly, we want to share how we can help you. We have highlighted the services. In addition, we share the services our partners in land development have to offer our clients. The John Hall and Company team has created a library of helpful articles. These articles include insights into what people need to know when buying or selling land in Alabama. Plus, we have many more articles planned for this year.

Thirdly, we are offering a Free Broker’s Opinion of Value to individuals who are serious about selling their property and are ready to start the process of listing their land or estate. The John Hall and Company team is here to walk clients through each step of their journey to selling their property. We also have a top notch marketing team that makes sure your property gets the online and offline traffic to get it sold.

Finding Land For Sale in Alabama

Our team offers a “Key Consideration for Buying Property” checklist to guide you through the buying process that is available to download at your convenience. Next, set up a meeting with one of our Buyer Specialists to begin the educational process and help us find the property that you are looking for in Alabama.

Lastly, get to know John Hall and Company via our story page. Read through our agents bios to see who can best serve you in your hunt for property or your journey to sell the land or estate you own. Please, feel free to reach out to us individually or call the John Hall and Company office today (334) 270-8400.

Please, connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram!


Why Hire A Buyer’s Specialist?

Welcome to the John Hall and Company “How to Buy Land in Alabama Series”.  Pete Hall, John Hall and Company co-owner, shares the value of hiring a Buyer’s Specialist when buying land in Alabama. Pete Hall answers the question, “Why Hire A Buyer’s Specialist?” 

Hiring a Buyer’s Specialist to Research Properties

The Buyer’s Specialist is an expert at providing property hunters with the accurate information they seek. These specialized agents know how to quickly cull through online listings and property records.

Property hunters are increaingly informed and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information online.  Consequently, making it difficult to discern accurate and relevant information from which to make informed decisions. This is especially true when buying large tracts of land.

Can you relate?

“Getting information from the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant”-Mitchell Kapor

Searching Listing for Alabama Land

The typical property hunter searches and finds properties on Zillow. Then, they compare the purchase price of a similar-sized hunting tract sold in the general vicinity. This is a mistake.

Firstly, it is not possible to gauge from an online listing if properties are really comparable. Secondly, there is so much not said in online property listings. Lastly, properties listed online highlight the positives of the properties.

Determining the true value of a property requires diligent research, asking the right questions, and an accurate understanding of the land.

A Costly Mistake in Buying Land

My friend found “the perfect” property listed on the internet. The property listing featured a nice cabin on a beautiful lake. In hast and with excitement, my friend called the listing agent. He immediately put an offer on the table with the listing agent. 

The offer was not accepted. Afterward, he learned the listing agent failed to tell him that the “mineral rights did not convey” with the property. My friend narrowly avoided a big and costly mistake. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that many hope-filled individuals make when buying property.

Finding a Trusted Buyer’s Specialist

His mistake was only going by the listing and then blindly trusting the listing agent. He learned the listing agent was not representing his best interest. As a result, he asked me to be his “Buyer’s Specialist Agent”. I quickly found him the perfect property.

John Hall and Company agents take properties and their agents to the task. We research and ask the right questions. Download our Buyer’s Checklist here for a few of the questions we ask listing agents.

John Hall and Company’s questions are customized for the buyer’s needs and the type of property they are seeking.

Hiring John Hall and Company as Your Buyer’s Specialist

We save our clients time. Clients depend on us to collect the pertinent information and filter out the rest. With our proprietary knowledge and expertise, we quickly assist our clients to discern which listings are legitimate. First and foremost, we rule out properties that should be avoided despite the pretty pictures and glowing copy.

We save our clients money. John Hall and Company agents use comparable sales information from our sale history database and years of experience to provide an accurate evaluation of land to determine a property’s value.

We steamline the process to  make it easy for the client to find their perfect property.

Hiring a Buyer’s Specialist is a Clear Advantage

John Hall and Company has 34 continuous years of experience in land transactions. Every agent has an intimate familiarity with listed properties, amenities, and contributory values of land in Central and South Alabama.

In conclusion, becoming a client of John Hall and Company means becoming a part of our family of specialists. We introduce you to our network of advisors and experts in the fields of financing, forestry, wildlife biology, surveyors, lake builders, 1031 tax-deferred exchange intermediaries, appraisers, closing attorneys, and more. Together, we make up a team that ensures every possible consideration has been thoroughly covered and planned.

Please, call us today to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our agents.

-Pete Hall, ALC

Download John Hall and Company’s checklist for buying property HERE. These are the questions that every buyer needs to be asking before they make a purchase.

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3 Important Questions for Buying Land

First Steps to Prepare to Buy Land

Three Questions For Buying Land

Welcome to the John Hall and Company How to Buy Land in Alabama Series.  This is part two in the series written by Hoke Smith. He helps us understand 3 important questions for buying land in Alabama. Click here to read Why Hire A Buyer’s Specialist part one written by Pete Hall.

In this article, Hoke gives insights into buying land in Alabama from his years of experience living on the land, his education from Auburn University, and his time helping people buy that right piece of land in Alabama.

Have Questions about Buying Land?

Purchasing land does not have to be an intimidating or a foreign concept. We are here to help and answer your questions. First, download our checklist of steps for first-time buyers on How to Buy Land in Alabama. A checklist assists you in making informed and educated decisions. These decisions can mean the difference between you owning the property you always dreamed of or you not being satisfied with your purchase.

Alabama Land Buying Questions

The three main questions a buyer must answer when their search for the property begins:

1. What is your budget?

2. How will the property be used?

3. Where is the preferred location?

Answering these three questions keeps your search focused on properties right for you.

Establish a Budget

Take the time at the beginning of the process to research and establish a budget. Meet with financial advisors or explore options with financing. In Alabama, there are several “land banks” that specialize in financing for rural properties. They can also provide valuable insights on how to establish a budget in your search for land. Once a budget is established then you are really able to kick off your search.

Identify Land Attributes

When speaking with first-time land buyers, I ask the question “What is your vision or why do you want a piece of rural land?”

There are specific reasons people begin to look for rural land. Keying in on what your hobbies are and what you envision yourself using the property for is a good place to start. Once you have the big picture then key in on the attributes of the property.

List out the attributes a property needs to have, such as; a creek, pond, cabin, pasture, timber, wildlife food plots, topography, and any other attributes. Take the list of attributes and identify which of those are absolute necessities to make up your ideal property. The geological landscape in Alabama changes dramatically throughout the state. For example, if you’re looking for the property to consist of a cold-water creek with rocky outcroppings then the coastal plains of South Alabama may not be the best place to focus your search.

Hone in on Location

Location is the most important of the three questions. Buyers should to be flexible when establishing a preferred location. There are areas within the states that are micro-markets where land values can be significantly higher. You may have to travel a little bit further to find a better bang for your buck!

Figure out where your ideal property would be located and then search outward from there. Preferred property attributes and location may need to be adjusted depending on which is more important to you.

We are here to  answer all your questions on buying Land in Alabama

The internet is a great tool and can provide valuable information. However, I highly suggest a real estate broker who specializes in the land to represent and assist you in searching, viewing and purchasing a property. A land real estate agent will provide invaluable insight for first-time buyers and help avoid mistakes when purchasing a property before it is too late.

An active land agent can help you buy land in Alabama.
Agents . . . 

  • understand what you may not be familiar with
  • keep up to date on the market values of the property
  • are thoroughly and knowledgeable to show you properties
  • identify potential problems
  • ask important questions to the sellers that may otherwise not be understood or revealed
  • assist in negotiations
  • assure that you are getting a fair deal

All in all, buying land in Alabama and purchasing a piece of rural land can be a much simpler process than purchasing a home. It doesn’t consist of all the inspections and reports needed to close on a home. Once you have developed a budget, identified property attributes, and have identified a general location, then the search process becomes much easier and enjoyable.

Having a land agent on your side to assist you through the process results in a land buying process that is enjoyable and stress-free. Before you know it, that Alabama dream property will be yours!

-Hoke Smith

Download John Hall and Company’s checklist for buying property HERE. These are the questions that every buyer needs to be asking before they make a purchase.

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Why Hire a Buyer’s Specialist

3 Important Questions for Buying Land

First Steps to Prepare to Buy Land

First Steps to Prepare to Buy Land

This is the third part of the series on Buying Land in Alabama. John Hall outlines how to prepare to buy land in Alabama. Mr. Hall’s advice comes from 35 years of helping buyers find their perfect Alabama property.

First Step to Buy Land In Alabama

My wife grew up on a farm in Huntsville, Alabama, and I grew up on a farm in Cecil, Alabama. My dad also owned the local corner store. He instilled in me a love for the land, business, family, and faith. My wife and I have passed on that legacy to our boys and grandchildren.

Today it is a blessing for me to have a business that helps individuals and families find their perfect piece of land in Alabama. I have been helping people for over 30 years invest in our state. There
are a few things I have learned in my time about land and selling land, especially when it comes to getting the recreation land that you have dreamed of for your family.

Think about your perfect property for you and your family and friends. Now, make a list of all the amenities that you want if you could find the perfect property.

What are your family’s land needs?

Imagine your family’s needs for the next 15 years. What type of property will fill those needs for them to grow into adulthood? 

  • What values and hobbies do you want to instill in your children?
  • How much time and sweat equity do you have to invest in the land?

In my book, there is nothing better in this world than teaching children how to live on the land through horticulture, learning about the environment, and stewarding the land well.

What do you envision on the Alabama land that you want to buy?

    • cabin
    • fishing lake
    • barn
    • established wildlife plots
    • hunting
    • bird trail
    • garden
    • home
    • animals

Land Buying Costs

Keep in mind a preferred “turnkey” family hunting/fishing property costs much more than “raw” land. Do you have the skills, resources, time, or expertise to build out your own amenities? Some buyers have the desire and expertise to construct amenities which takes time but saves a lot of money. We have a list of trusted partners to assist our clients within budget and build the land they desire because we want our clients to have the resources to build their dream recreational land.

Connect with an Agent

Once you have a vision and have identified your desires for the property, this is a good time to reach out to a John Hall and Company agent. I do encourage buyers to enlist the services of an experienced real estate land agent.

The term is a Buyer’s Agent and it costs you nothing!

Review the John Hall and Company agent page and pick out an agent that best fits your needs. Review their “bio” on their website to see which agent with whom you feel compatible. Pick one and call him to discuss your property requirements.

Your agent will pull up properties that they know best match your criteria and desires.  Your agent will diligently research the properties and set up tours to help you assess the properties. When you are ready to buy, your agent will prepare the sale contract and assist you with the details to a successful closing.  

Please give John Hall and Company a call at 334.270.8400 and speak with one of our experienced sales agents to discuss your perfect property.

Happy Hunting!

 -John E. Hall, Jr. CCIM

Download John Hall and Company’s checklist for buying property HERE. These are the questions that every buyer needs to be asking before they make a purchase.


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